Parking isn’t just a problem in large cities. If you’ve ever tried to find a parking space near a shopping center during the holidays or on a cramped college campus during the school year, it is clear that inefficiencies in where we put our cars can impact both productivity and the economy. So who can benefit from using sensors to create smart parking scenarios? Just about any public or private space where vehicles are parked.

Parking Solutions for Communities of All Sizes
Fybr’s parking management solution can be scaled to meet the needs of municipalities of almost any size. While our system’s pricing is in part determined by the number of sensors involved, smart communities can see a good return on their investment in our parking system with as few as 50 spaces. Fybr’s sales team works with each client individually to create both an estimate of costs and a projected ROI.

Municipalities with larger public works departments can also be trained by our team to both install and maintain Fybr’s parking management sensors and gateways, offering you even greater control of your smart parking solution.

Better Corporate, Medical Center and University Campus Parking
Any large-scale enterprise can benefit from knowing more about its parking assets. Campuses of kinds can use Fybr’s parking management system to assist in wayfinding and to help with parking enforcement. Lots of special events? Demand-based pricing can help you respond on a day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour, basis.

And, managing public and employee parking in almost any area becomes more streamlined with our electric parking tag, now under development, that can replace traditional hang tags.

Smarter Private & Public Parking Garages
The possibilities for using Fybr’s parking management system don’t stop with surface streets. Using sensored parking in garages of all kinds allows you to create priority parking for preferred shoppers or VIPs. It can also discourage long-term parkers, like employees, from occupying spaces closest to entrances and attractions.

In pay garages, Fybr’s wayfinding app, Parking Genius, gives customers and employees an instant view of parking availability, reducing both frustration and unnecessary carbon emissions from circling vehicles.

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