We’re pleased to announce that Navigation Corporation – a full-service engineering and radio frequency (RF) design and solutions company – has been selected as the engineering design partner for our new line of parking sensors and network hardware.

The decision to work with Navigation Corporation reflects Navigation’s ability to best match the requirements we created for the development program, schedule and system performance. We are studying system improvements that will extend today’s parking system efficiencies and reliability for the next decade or longer, and the engineering aspects of sensor and network performance are a significant part of that effort. Our focus is on providing the most competitive offering to our customers seeking to implement an intelligent parking system.

Delivering proven performance, profitability and reliability to cities around the globe – including the world’s largest installment of parking sensors in San Francisco’s SF Park program – makes us the unequivocal market leader in parking sensor management solutions. The future of intelligent parking systems requires that sensors and the networks over which they communicate be more reliable, more accurate and easier to use and maintain. Our next-generation parking sensor and network hardware, expected to enter service in the second quarter of 2013, will feature increased efficiency, longer battery life, higher reliability and increased performance over a range of factors.

We’ve involved current and potential customers in the requirements definition, design and testing of our next-generation sensing technology and management systems. We are very pleased with the progress that has been made and will continue to work closely with our customers to understand their parking needs, make refinements to our technology and aggressively move forward.