Smart City

Quickstart Kit

City Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

At Fybr, we believe that your city’s infrastructure and the data generated is worth millions. That’s why we’ve developed a simple solution combined with a straightforward business model to demonstrate several smart city applications – using a platform that lets you retain control of your data and maximize your flexibility.

We’ve created a quickstart kit with everything you need to safely and intelligently start your Smart City journey – whether it’s on a single block or across an entire community.

Our Smart City Quickstart package includes:

  • All necessary hardware (see contents below)
  • Fybr Engine™ to manage devices and data
  • Parking Genius™ and  Fybr Enforce™ mobile parking apps
  • Fybr Insights™ for data visualization and dashboards
  • FybrLynk™ to enable an application of your choice and design
  • Fybr toolkits to configure the data and devices
  • Dedicated platform support
  • Consulting to help plan and grow your Smart City initiatives
  • API layer and city URL for citizen engagement
  • Consulting to help plan and grow your Smart City initiatives

What You Get

Parking Sensors

Water Sensors

2 Storm Drain
4 Irrigation


Traffic Counters

LED Light Controllers

Environmental Sensors

2 Gas
2 Particulate
1 Weather Station

Get Your Smart City Started

For As Little As $15,000

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