Making Entire Communities Better Places to Live and Work

From cities to farms, from oil fields to power plants, our platform can connect any low data rate, low power sensing device to our network, allowing for real-time capture of information.

Parking and Traffic Management

A single parking space seems insignificant, but it’s more important than you think – and knowing what is happening in that space has huge implications. Combine that information with hundreds – even thousands – of spaces and you begin to know what is happening in millions of square feet of space in a community.

Knowing the actual state of a space allows cities to make changes – improving communities by making cities smarter – AND creating big revenue opportunities.

Drive Less

Nearly 30% of the congestion on city streets comes from people looking for places to park. More vehicles means more carbon emissions, more wasted gasoline and more stress on your community and its environment.

We reduce that congestion by making compliance and space turnover easier to manage. Our technology also allows communities to track and adjust parking dynamically. That means more parking spaces, available more often. And with less circling motorists searching for spots, both you and the environment benefit.

Find Parking Easier

Our smartphone app – Parking Genius – leads drivers to open spots in addition to delivering pricing and other information

Safer Streets

When drivers aren’t circling, searching for parking, their eyes remain on the road. Double-parking diminishes. And your community becomes safer for pedestrians, other motorists and the drivers themselves.

Fair and Efficient Enforcement

We know that nobody likes to talk about parking enforcement. So we don’t. Instead, we give you tools like Fybr Enforce to help you track and manage violations. With highly accurate, fair enforcement, violations inevitably decline and the parking experience is improved for all involved.

Cost Effective

More parked vehicles means more people on the move — visiting local merchants and retailers, conducting business, spending and earning more briskly — all while increasing parking compliance.  Our platform can bring  economic benefits that help your community thrive and be more efficient and in many cases, pay for itself.


The Fybr Parking Platform

Dynamic and Demand-Based Parking

Fair and Efficient Enforcement

Utility Monitoring

By monitoring things like gas and water leaks, ground and ambient air temperature and storm drain run-off levels, we can help communities reduce operational costs and increase efficiency of existing systems – making communities that work safer and better.

Keep utilities up and running more efficiently.

Gas & Water Leak Detection

Accidents and loss due to leaky underground gas and water pipes can be detected and addressed in real-time before they create costly, dangerous, and larger problems.

Sewer Monitoring

Fluid levels are monitored and tracked to prevent dangerous backups and overflows.

Waste Management

Dumpsters are able to automatically send notifications when they are full to maximize waste pickup routes to only go where the waste is, saving fuel costs and keeping trucks off the streets – further reducing traffic congestion.

Storm Run-Off

Rainwater run-off levels are monitored to gauge infrastructure needs and prevent flooding while keeping storm water out of public water treatment facilities.


Safety & Security

From detecting air quality to reducing emissions, to noise and motion detection controlled street lighting, our platform can collect data and adapt in real-time to make communities safer places to live.

Smarter and Safer Communities

Community Safety

Motion-based street lighting increases safety while reducing energy consumption. Noise, motion and crowd detection contribute to safer neighborhoods.

Structural Integrity

Vibrations are monitored in buildings, bridges and roads to address structural issues before they become catastrophic.

Item Location

Efficiency is increased by tracking items in warehouses, buildings or streets for asset control. Plus, stolen property can be tracked for recovery when it starts to move or is flagged as missing.

Health & Security

Nuclear, chemical and biological monitoring help prevent emergencies – leading to greater public health and well-being.


Environmental Monitoring

A cleaner, healthier planet comes from understanding data collected in the physical world. By monitoring things like weather, soil conditions, electromagnetic emissions, water and air quality, the Fybr platform can allow us all to breathe a little easier.

Smarter and Safer Communities


Sensing for precipitation, climate conditions and air/ground temperatures.

Soil Moisture & Temperature

Sensing soil moisture levels and temperatures allow farmers to water only the areas that need it, reducing water consumption and helping to prevent shortages.

Electromagnetic Emissions

Power lines, cellular and other emitters can be automatically and continuously monitored for regulatory compliance.

Air & Water Quality

Pollution can be measured remotely 24/7/365 and trigger notifications as needed.

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