End-To-End IoT Designed For the Real World.



We provide companies, integrators and OEM’s with the technology, processes and tools needed to create IoT solutions quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Our system allows communities to take advantage of the full potential of the Internet of Things. By monitoring activities like gas and water leaks, ground and ambient air temperature, turnover rates and storm drain run-off levels, improvements can be made to parking, public safety, security, utilities, building infrastructure, the environment and more.

One Community. One Platform.

Completely designed from the ground up, the highly accurate and durable Fybr platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of any community, large or small and can easily be integrated into existing operations.


The Fybr Platform

Edge Devices


Industrial Grade Security

Network Gateway

Easy Integration

Device & Data Management

Purpose-Built Applications

The Challenges of IoT

Building an IoT platform can be a challenging, daunting task.  We make it easy.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce condimentum pulvinar nisi, eget malesuada magna lacinia vitae. Integer sollicitudin, dolor eget vehicula vestibulum, odio massa varius nisi, vitae suscipit nisl dui id est.

What’s In It For Me?

IoT and connected devices will impact every aspect of business, operations, and personal deployment.

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