As CEO of Fybr, I’ve been working for years to help bring the benefits of smart city technology to life. During this time, I’ve learned that one of the biggest responsibilities I have, as an advocate for better community living through smart technology, is to make sure people understand exactly what smart technology is – and how it will improve their everyday reality.

This is an important conversation. Not only at a personal level, but also at a social level, as cities worldwide are faced with all the challenges that come from ever-increasing population density. It’s the right time to bring this topic to an even broader audience, too: an estimated 80+ cities worldwide have smart programs in place, and our own federal DOT has launched a Smart City Challenge.

This is why I’m proud and happy to share some Fybr news. We recently published an article in Newsweek to help gain more attention for the smart city movement. This article defines what smart city technology city is and how it will brighten our future. Please take a few minutes to read and share it – let’s keep this important conversation growing.