The Fybr Platform

We deliver a flexible platform which includes a robust wireless network, intelligent edge-devices, scalable storage and processing of fast moving big data, a real-time machine learning infrastructure, device management tools and a full suite of applications for turning data into community insights – all designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy in real-time.

Intelligent Edge-Devices

Fybr’s edge-devices do more than just detect. They learn – intelligently monitoring themselves and other network resources. Utilizing information from the entire network allows each device to adapt to ever-changing environments and business needs.


For maximum flexibility, FybrLynk allows you to easily and efficiently connect virtually any sensing device to the network. FybrLynk also functions as an intelligent bridge between the Fybr Engine and your device – allowing it to learn and adapt to ever-changing conditions – all in a secure ecosystem.

Fybr Gateway II

Integrating low-power RF and cellular, Fybr Gateways transmit data back and forth from the sensing devices to the Fybr Engine and are proven to perform well in urban environments.

Fybr Engine

Fybr Engine collects, processes and stores enormous amounts of real-time data and delivers actionable insights via learning and predictive algorithms. Powerful business process integration tools allow easy customization of business logic, flexible data integration with your enterprise systems, and essential device-monitoring and updates for security. Plus, easy-to-use data analysis tools provide real-time dashboards and historical views of the data flowing through your IoT infrastructure.

Enterprise & Mobile Tools

Fybr provides a variety of mobile apps. From helping drivers locate available parking in real-time to tools for enforcement,
installation and maintenance crews, these apps lead to a more productive and vibrant community. The Fybr Engine provides tools for rapid development of custom enterprise and mobile apps.