Fybr can help your community keep traffic flowing. With the most accurate parking sensors available, we’re able to provide real-time data on every space – not just estimates.


Regardless of your community’s size, we can help. Universities, corporate campuses, parking structures, business districts, hospitals and more – we can work with you to devise a solution that fits perfectly and works best for your specific parking needs.

Sensing 2.0

Fybr® Parking Sensor 2

Our new parking sensor is better than ever. More durable. More responsive. More accurate. Allowing you to rest assured that your community is best equipped to thrive and grow.

Fybr® Gateway

The completely re-designed Fybr Gateway sends data in real-time – making updates and adjustments easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Fybr® Insights

Fybr Insights lets you take complete control over your parking by remotely managing your entire system. With both real-time and historical data, it delivers the actionable insights you need to adjust parking policies and maximize community benefit.

Mobile Tools

We offer a suite of mobile tools – including our wayfinding app Parking Genius™, in addition to several other applications that deliver dashboard views of your entire parking grid – allowing you and your community to stay connected while on the go.


Once established in your community, our devices begin collecting and reporting a vast wealth of information: ground and ambient air temperature, occupancy rates, turnover, duration and much more. The Fybr network makes it possible to capture data from not only our sensors, but also a wide range of devices. This information is fed into our system and integrated for better decision-making, a more informed public and seamless community growth.